1. Just One Drink

From the recording He Is Exalted

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Just One Drink

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Verse 1:
Just one drink was all he wanted; That one drink turned into a few
Then a lifetime of drowning his sorrows
Became a river he couldn’t get through
Then he heard the old Gospel story
How forgiveness was one prayer away
He took hold the lifeline; And drank of this new wine
With just one drink he was never the same
Just one drink; From the Well of Salvation
And you’ll never be thirsty again
Just one taste of the Bread from His table
You soul will never be hungry again
Earthly things you can try; Only Jesus satisfies
With just one drink you’ll forever be changed
Verse 2:
As night fell on the rough side of Houston
She went out plying her trade
Self-respect and childhood long vanished
Exchanged for money and things she now craved
Across the way was that “foolish” street preacher
And for the first time she heard what he said
Like the woman by the well side; She was made new on the inside
She became another trophy of grace
Repeat Chorus
Earthly things you can try; but only Jesus satisfies
With just one drink you’ll forever be changed
I’ve been changed!

Just One Drink
Words & Music by Bob Wills Jr.
© 2002 BMI/Nashville Gospel/Gaither Copyright Management