1. He Is Exalted

From the recording He Is Exalted

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He Is Exalted

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Verse 1
He made himself of no reputation
For our sakes endured degradation
He suffered the cross for our transgressions A servant to His Fathers' will
Verse 2
They mocked the one who came from Heaven on the cross He prayed "Father forgive them" He was humbled down like no other
Is it any wonder The Father roars like thunder
He is exalted He is high and lifted up
Every knee shall bow every tongue confess
That Jesus Christ is Lord
And I will praise Him
This humble Servant King
Now the Father lifts His Name He is Lord of everything He is exalted!
Verse 3
I will claim no glory
But I will glory in the cross where Jesus ransomed me
I was once held captive
Then He broke the chains of sin and gave me glorious liberty
He was humbled like no other Submitting to the will of His Father

He Is Exalted
Words & Music by Bob Wills Jr.
© BMI/Nashville Gospel/Gaither Copyright Management