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Grace Did Much More Abound

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Verse 1:
Innocent blood had stained his hand red
Countless believers had suffered at his command
Evil had consumed him to the point of no return
But on the road to Damascus; Was where Saul of Tarsus learned

Where sin did abound; Grace did much more abound
What you thought God won’t forgive
He forgave on Golgotha’s hill
And though none of us deserve the Father’s mercy
He sent His precious Son to die on Calvary
Where sin did abound; Grace did much more abound
Verse 2:
There’s nothing you’ve done; that can overcome God’s Love
For the power of your sin is no match for Jesus’ blood
On the cross He cried it is finished; Salvations’ plan in place
That’s where the river of your sin; Met the ocean of His Grace
JUSTIFIED; just as if I never sinned against Him
PURIFIED; By the Holy Blood of The Lamb
GLORIFIED; Don’t you know it’s my final destination
Though unworthy he took our place
That’s why its called Amazing Grace
Repeat Chorus
Grace did much more abound
Grace did more abound!

Grace Did Much More Abound
Words & Music by Bob Wills Jr.
© 2004 BMI/Nashville Gospel/Gaither Copyright Management